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Cassie’s mother always told her she had a psychic gift, but if that were true, how come she didn't see her mother’s death? Or the bonus heartache that followed when her boyfriend decided he no longer loved her? Cassie doesn't think of her abilities as a gift. She thinks of them as a curse. Moving to Blackwater was supposed to be a way for her to disappear into a city of strangers, where she could live alone with her grief. But all of that changes when she meets centuries-old djinn Red Blackwell.

When Red offers Cassie a deal, she says yes. But it only takes one wish for them to realize that Fate has other plans in store for them.

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A powerful orphan, a sinfully sexy warrior, and a forbidden desire as cruel as the gods.

Once I was an unwanted child of Olympus, but now I’m fighting for my immortality in the competition of a lifetime. Up for grabs is a spot among Hades’s elite inner circle. All that stands in my way is one sexy prince of Hades’s House who loves to torment me.

Haven Knightfall is the legacy pick everyone expects to win, but he’s never come up against a power like mine. No one has. If only I could make it work when I need it most. Even more annoying? My bad habit of running into Haven in the dark. Every time I leave him, my stupid body wants more, but I can’t yield to him or his cruel lips.

There’s something off about this year’s competition though, a danger whispered about deep in the halls of Hades’s House. Turns out Haven isn’t my only enemy. In fact, he might just be my greatest ally, because there are worse monsters lurking in the shadows.

If Haven and I don’t work together, we might lose more than our immortality, we might just lose our lives.


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