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Hades Descendants


A powerful orphan, a sinfully sexy warrior, and a forbidden desire as cruel as the gods.

Once I was an unwanted child of Olympus, but now I’m fighting for my immortality in the competition of a lifetime. Up for grabs is a spot among Hades’s elite inner circle. All that stands in my way is one sexy prince of Hades’s House who loves to torment me.

Haven Knightfall is the legacy pick everyone expects to win, but he’s never come up against a power like mine. No one has. If only I could make it work when I need it most. Even more annoying? My bad habit of running into Haven in the dark. Every time I leave him, my stupid body wants more, but I can’t yield to him or his cruel lips.

There’s something off about this year’s competition though, a danger whispered about deep in the halls of Hades’s House. Turns out Haven isn’t my only enemy. In fact, he might just be my greatest ally, because there are worse monsters lurking in the shadows.

If Haven and I don’t work together, we might lose more than our immortality, we might just lose our lives.

Vicious Champion Ebook_WEB 02.jpg

Vicious Champion


I, Ana Hearthtender, nobody orphan of Mt. Olympus, survived the first round of Trials to become Champion of Hades House.

In fact, there are only two competitors left—me and the infuriating Haven Knightfall.

He’s my nemesis, my tormentor, and my sometimes partner. Except for the part where he betrayed me and took all the credit for himself. I can’t figure him out. It’s all the more confusing because my body remembers all too well the feel of his touch, the caress of his lips, the—

Nope. Not thinking about any of that.

Which would be easier if our next Trial didn’t require us to go on a long journey, just the two of us, working together on a mission to find the Fates. At least we’ll finally get some answers about what’s really going on.

If Haven and I manage not to kill each other on the way there, that is.

But when it turns out there’s so much more at stake than I ever dreamed, both Haven and I will face a choice that will change everything.

Fated Goddess Ebook_WEB.jpg

Fated Goddess


The mortal world isn’t so bad, except it’s lacking in one thing: the sinfully-sexy Haven Knightfall, the victor of the God Games (thanks to me!), Prince of Hades House and my sworn enemy.

I’m trying not to miss his stupid handsome face or the way he fights me one minute and kisses me the next.

Just when I’ve resigned myself to this new life, one of the Fates shows up at my door on the verge of death. Cronus, King of the Titans, attacked them and now they have a message for me: return to Olympus, stop Cronus, and save the world.

As if it were that easy? But the truth is, as an unwanted orphan most of my life, I always wondered if my destiny might be bigger than I realized. And my fate? It might just be intertwined with Haven’s after all.

The only way to find out is to return to Olympus and face off against the King of the Titans to save the only home I’ve ever known alongside the only man I’ve ever loved.

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