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When your life is a mess and you need a quick fix, what’s a woman to do? Strike a deal with a smoking hot djinn who might just be able to give you some new perspective on life...along with three wishes.

A few months ago, Ashley Laurent’s husband said he wanted to take a break. With their passion fizzling and their marriage on life support, Ashley thought they’d just hit a midlife rough patch. She didn’t realize break was code for I’m having an affair with the receptionist.

Now she’s got divorce papers and a whole lotta heartache. Desperate to heal, Ashley is willing to believe in the impossible. Because there’s a rumor floating around Blackwater that the very family the town was named after might just be a family of djinn.

Surprisingly, Dae Blackwell doesn’t laugh Ashley out the door when she asks if he can grant her a wish. In fact, Dae seems all too eager to strike a deal. When the things Ashley wishes for start to come true, she’s quickly converted to a believer. that she has the world at her feet, she realizes she’s not sure what she wants anymore.

With only one wish remaining, Ashley has to make a decision—does she want to return to her safe, mundane life? Or take a leap of faith and forge a new one?

NOTE: Midlife Wish was previously published under the title Three Wishes.

That Psychic Life_WEB.jpg

Being psychic? Not all it’s cracked up to be.

Willa Locke’s tarot cards have led to more trouble than good and she’s just fine with keeping them tucked away. Being in the dark is much preferred to being in the know.

Except Willa’s sister, the only family she has left, is in some serious trouble. Because while Willa got the gift of vision, her sister inherited her mother’s magic. And in this world, there’s always gonna be dark forces hungry for power.

With her sister’s life literally in demon hands, Willa is desperate for some help. Thankfully, she knows of one very suave, very self-indulgent djinn who might just be willing to help her if the price is right. Unfortunately, the only thing a djinn doesn’t have is an eyeglass into the future. There’s a bit of info Poe wants and only Willa and her tarot cards can give it to him.

With no choice, Willa makes a deal with Poe. If he helps save her sister, Willa will give him the name of his soul mate.

The only problem is, Willa already knows who Poe’s soul mate is. It’s her. And she’s got strict rules about relationships. They’re more trouble than they’re worth.

So now she’s gotta decide—tell Poe the truth and risk her heart or lie to him and break his.

NOTE: That Psychic Life was previously published under the title Two Deals.

That Divine Life_WEB.jpg

Lola’s got crap taste in men. It’s a family curse, really.

So Lola’s come up with a new rule for her dating life: do not sleep with men you like. Just in time, too, it turns out, because she’s recently met Thorin Blackwell—a hot as hell djinn with a face like a god and abs to match.

But nope, she’s safely friend-zoned Thorin. As long as they stay friends, Lola has nothing to fear. No drama. No betrayals. And certainly no broken hearts.

Thorin has his own reasons for keeping Lola at arm’s length. She’s vibrant, gorgeous, funny…and exactly the kind of woman he can never have. Monsters like him don’t get a happily ever after.

But when Thorin’s past comes back to haunt him, Lola is dragged into the center of a war between two of the most powerful djinn clans. Every wall will be torn down as they’re thrust together in a fight for their lives…and their hearts.

Note: That Divine Life was previously published under the title One Mark.

That Forbidden Life_Ebook WEB.jpg

Living in a mansion with a family of immortal djinn...what could possibly go wrong?

As a house manager at Blackwell House, there are only a few rules Oddie has to follow:
1) Do her job.
2) Always keep the Blackwells’ secrets.
3) Do not fall in love with a Blackwell.

Too bad Oddie has already broken rule #3.

Mad Blackwell is the oldest Blackwell brother and the most insufferably gorgeous, stubborn man Oddie has ever met. He’s also loyal to a fault, extremely protective, and oh right, clever with his hands.

Mad and Oddie had one misstep in a dark closet and agreed to forget it ever happened. Except now their secret is threatening to come out and if anyone figures out the truth, it might be more than just their reputations on the line.

Now Oddie has to decide: should she be the dutiful daughter she was told to be or fight for the love she thought she’d never have?


The sins of his past will threaten their future.

Months ago, Red Blackwell, one of the oldest djinn alive, found his soulmate only for fate to rip them apart. Now Red finally has Cassie back, and just in time, too, because a war is brewing between Death and a rogue reaper from Red’s past. The reaper seems to be holding a grudge against Red for a deed long in his past, one that threatens to stain his future with Cassie.

When Death asks Red for help, he’s inclined to say no. But no one, not even Red Blackwell, tells the Lady of Darkness no and gets away with it.

Now Red and Cassie are caught in the middle of a war, while fighting for their future. Will fate rip them apart again? Or will they finally have their happily ever after?

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